Published on Dec 18, 2014

Author: Malgorzata Sadowska | FSR
Category: FSR webinar recording
Level: intermediate
Date of release: December 2014

Recorded on 17th December 2014

How does EU law treat capacity mechanisms?

A number of European countries are concerned about the security of their electricity supply and set up capacity mechanisms to encourage investment in new generation or support existing and less profitable conventional power plants.

The European Commission closely examines these state-driven measures under EU law, as their uncoordinated implementation across Europe might have negative effects on the increasingly interconnected energy markets and thwart EU energy policy objectives.

What restrictions can the EU law impose on capacity mechanisms to minimise the distortions of the internal energy market? Can state aid, competition policy and internal market rules work?

This is a recording of webinar held on 17th December 2014, moderated by Riccardo Galletta | Florence School of Regulation